(Before Year 2000)

Lake Erie Soccer League 

(Formerly American Soccer League)

OSAN's Oldest Competitive Adult League and Selected Former Cleveland Professional Teams

LESL Year Book 1972.
Only LESL Year Book Published Before 2000.
Book Foreword 1972.
LESL Board 1972
Lake Erie Soccer League Officers 1972
OSAN Board 1972
Ohio State Soccer Association North Officers 1972
Junior League 1972.
Lake Erie Junior Soccer League Officers 1972
Referees 1972.
Reporters 1972
Cleveland's Daily Papers Reporter Comments
Croatia 1972.
Cleveland American Croatian Soccer Club 1972.
Belgrade 1972.
Cleveland Belgrade United Sport Club 1972
Hungarians 1972.
Cleveland Magyar Athletic Club (CMAC) 1972
Cleveland Hungarians II.1972.
Cleveland Magyar Athletic Club (CMAC) II.1972
Pan-American 1972.
Cleveland Pan-American Soccer Club 1972.
Slovaks 1972.
Cleveland Slovak Soccer Club 1972.
Croatia Collinwood 1972.
Croatian Sports Club-Collinwood 1972.
Zagreb 1972.
Croatian-Zagreb Soccer Club 1972.
League Champion
Concordia 1972.
Cleveland Danube Swaben Soccer Club I. 1972.
Concordia II. 1972.
Cleveland Danube Swaben Sport Club II. 1972.
Concordia III. 1972.
Cleveland Danube Swaben Sport Club III. 1972.
East Hungarians 1972.
East Hungarians' Soccer Club 1972.
Germans I.1972.
Cleveland German American Sport Club I. 1972.
Germans II. 1972.
Cleveland German American Sport Club II. 1972.
German Central I.1972.
Cleveland German Central Soccer Club I. 1972.
German Central II. 1972.
Cleveland German Central Soccer Club II. 1972.
Inter Italian I. 1972.
Cleveland Inter Italian Soccer Club I. 1972.
Inter Italian II.1972.
Cleveland Inter Italian Soccer Club II. 1972.
Italian Corenese I. 1972.
Cleveland Italian Coronese Soccer Club I. 1972.
Mansfield Germans 1972.
Mansfield German Liederkranz Soccer Club 1972.
Campbell Olympia 1972.
Olympia- Campbell Soccer Club 1972
Greek Olympics 1972.
Cleveland Olympic Athletic Club 1972.
Polonia 1972.
Cleveland Polonia Soccer Club 1972.
Karadjordje 1972.
Cleveland Saint Sava Serbian Soccer Club- Karadjordje I. 1972.
Karadjordje II. 1972.
Cleveland St. Sava Serbian Soccer Club Karadjordje II. 1972.
Ukrainians I. 1972.
Cleveland Ukrainian American Soccer Club I. 1972.
Ukrainians II. 1972.
Cleveland Ukrainian American Soccer Club II. 1972.
Cleveland State 1972.
Cleveland State University Soccer Team 1972.
Women's World Cup 1999.
At Louisville KY, USSF/AGM
World Cup 1999.
OSAN Delegates at Louisville KY USSF/AGM Holding the Woman's World Cup
Cleveland  Hungarians 1999.
Cleveland Hungarians in Las Vegas Tournament
Cleveland Hungarians 1998.
Indoor Soccer Tournament 1998.
Cleveland Hung. Hunters 1997.
Cleveland Hungarian Hunters in the LESL Indoor Soccer Tournament Finals 1997.
Cleveland Hungarians 1996.
Cleveland Hungarians in the Indoor Soccer League 1996.
Cleveland Hung. Hunters 1996
Cleveland Hung. Hunters in Akron Tournament 1996.
Cleveland Hungarians 1995
Cleveland Magyar Athletic Club (CMAC) Indoor Soccer Team
USMNT Visit Cleveland 1994
Dr. John Gyekenyesi, USMNT Coach Bora Milutinovic, Gianfranco Borroni and USMNT Captain Tom Dooley in Cleveland 1994
Cleveland Hung. Hunters 1993.
Cleveland Hungarian Hunters from the LESL Indoor Soccer Tournament 1993
Cleveland Hung. Hunters 1992
LESL Indoor Soccer Champion Hungarian Hunters 1992
LESL Awards Banquet 1992.
LESL President John Parente and OSAN President Dr. John Gyekenyesi passing out awards trophies at Lenau Park 1992.
Cleveland Hung. Hunters 1991
Cleveland Hungarian Hunters from the LESL in 1991
Cleveland Hungarians 1990
Cleveland Hungarian Hunters Team, Lake Erie Soccer League 1990
Cleveland Hungarians 1989.
Cleveland Hungarian Hunters Soccer Club at Boy Scout Day German Central
Cleveland Olympic Team 1985
1985 Cleveland Olympic Team at a Greek Tournament in New York after winning the Tournament Title
Hungarian Hunters 1985.
Hungarian Hunters at Lenau Park vs. Concordia
Cleveland  Hungarians 1984.
Hungarian Hunters in Toronto Tournament, Canada
Cleveland Hungarian Hunters II.
1984 In Toronto
Lake Plata Hungarians 1984.
Lake Plata Hungarians 1982.
Hungarian Hunters 1983
Hungarian Hunters in the Cleveland Indoor Soccer League 1983.
Cleveland Hungarian Hunters 1982
Hungarian Hunters 1982.
Hungarian Hunters in Youngstown vs City Select Team
Cleveland Select 1982.
Cleveland Visiting Charlotte, North Caroline vs. Carolina Lightning
Cleveland Hungarian Hunters 1980.
Cleveland Hungarian Select 1978.
Boy Scout Day Game at German Central.
Key Danube Swaben Players 1977.
Most Important Players from Danube Swaben SportClub.
Belgrade United 1975.
Cleveland Croatia 1974
Belgrade United 1974.
League Champion
Cleveland Hungarians 1974.
Cleveland Magyar Athletic Club (CMAC)
Cleveland Pan-American 1974.
Cleveland Hrvat 1974
Croatian Sports Club -Collinwood
Croatian Zagreb 1974
Concordia I. 1974
Warren Hellenic 1974.
Concordia II. 1974.
Canton Hercules 1974.
Hungarian Hunters 1974.
Formerly East Hungarian Soccer Club
German Americans I. 1974.
German Central I. 1974.
Inter Italian I. 1974.
Akron GFS I. 1974.
Mansfield Germans 1974.
Lakewood Romanians 1974.
Cleveland Olympics I. 1974
Cleveland Polonia 1974.
Karadjordje I. 1974.
Cleveland Ukrainians 1974.
Chagrin Falls 1974.
Cleveland State 1974.
Belgade United 1974
Belgrade United 1973
Cleveland Hungarians 1973.
Cleveland Inter Italian 1973.
Standing:L-R; J.Parente,J.Del Busso,P.Lungo,J.McMillan,R.Rosul,L.Taccome Front:L-R; V.Stavole,G.Gasparin,M.Lungo,V.Colonna, R.Fernandez (National Finalist for the US Open Cup)
Cleveland Hungarians II. 1972.
Cleveland Magyar Athletic Club (CMAC) 1972.
Cleveland Hungarians-CMAC-1971
Cleveland West Hungarians 1969.
Cleveland Inter Italian 1968.
League Champion
Cleveland Hungarians 1968
Cleveland Inter Italian 1967.
Amateur Cup Champion
Cleveland Hungarian Select 1967.
Cleveland Inter Italian 1964.
American Soccer League Champion
Italian Trophies 1964.
American Soccer League Champions Italian Soccer Team Celebrating
Cleveland Hungarian Select 1964.
Boy Scout Day Game at German Central
Polonia Celebrating 1963.
Polonia Players,including Gianfranco Borroni,Olinto Busetto and John Gyekenyesi ,with wives celebrating League Division Championship.
Polonia Trophies 1963.
Polonia Players Receiving Their Trophies and Medals for Winning Division Championship
Akron Germans 1963.
German Family Society (GFS) Club
Cleveland Danube Schwaben I.1961.
American Soccer League Champion 1961
Danube Swaben Supporters 1961.
Celebrating American Soccer League Championship.
Cleveland Danube Schwaben II 1961.
Akron University 1961.
Hungarian Freedom Fighters 1959.
Cleveland League Division Champion
Cleveland Hungarian Select 1959.
Boy Scout Day at German Central Club
Cleveland St Stephen's Hungarians
St Stephen's Hungarians 1958
Cleveland Hungarians 1958.
St.Stephen's Club Team on Famous Cleveland Latin Field - Winter Day
Akron Magyars 1958.
Case Inst.1958.
Case Institute of Technology Soccer Team 1959
Akron Magyars 1955.
Ohio State Cup Champions 1955.
Cleveland Hungarian Turul 1955.
Cleveland Hungarian Turul Soccer Club
Cleveland Hungarians 1953.
American Soccer League and Ohio State Champion 1953. St. Stephen's Club
St.Stephen Hungarians 1953.
American Soccer League Champion and Ohio Cup Winner
Cleveland St.Stevens 1953.
Cleveland St.Stephen's Hungarians 1953
League Champions
Cleveland Hungarians 1953
Business Men's Club -1953
Toledo Turners 1948.
German Turners Club of Toledo
Toledo Turners 1947.
German Turners Club of Toledo
Toledo Turners  Players 1946
Ed Murphy, Pat McAuley and Mike Kaze

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