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Indoor Soccer Referees 2015

          L-R; Chris Penso (MLS Referee), Austin Saini, Matt Rivera, Brian Miller,

Zach Marzilli, Sean Gorrell

 L-R; Zach Marzilli, Chris Penso (MLS Referee), Blaz Pesorda (SRC Member), Brian Miller, Ryan Slack

L-R; Zach Marzilli, Chris Penso (MLS Referee), Dr. John Gyekenyesi (SRC Member) Blaz Pesorda (SRC Member), Brian Miller, Ryan Slack

MLS Referee Sorin Stoica with SRC    Member John Gyekenyesi - 2015

League Registrar Andy Spiranovich, MLS Referee Sorin Stoica and SRC Member John Gyekenyesi 2015

Outdoor Soccer Referees - 2015

L-R; Ari Lewis, Saimir Lilaj, Dennis Morak

Honored MLS Referee Kevin Terry - 2002

In Cleveland as a player 1980 - Kevin Terry

An MLS official since the league began play in 1996, former Cleveland resident Kevin Terry was chosen as the league's best referee for the 2002 season, which ended with Terry being the official for the MLS championship game.

USASA Referee of the Year 2006

Blaz Pesorda with his wife Marcella and OSAN delegates John Gyekenyesi and Gianfranco Borroni;  Washington DC 2006



In order to more effectively manage the referee community in Ohio North, the SRC has divided the state into seven districts. The districts are each assigned their own District Referee Administrator (DRA), District Director of Instruction (DDI) and District Director of Assessment (DDA) to assist the State officers in carrying out their duties.

The State Referee Administrator (SRA) is responsible for all referee administration activities in Ohio North. The SRA is currently Tom Chapman. The SRA manages the SRC, coordinates the activities of the State Director of Instruction (SDI) and State Director of Assessment (SDA) plus processes all referee registrations.

The SRA has appointed District Referee Administrators (DRA) in each of the districts to assist him and who are responsible for coordinating local referee registration and other activities.

The USSF has developed the Referee Assessment program as a way to measure referee performance. Grade seven referees are required to be assessed biannually and State level referees need to be assessed annually.  Referees who wish to upgrade to grade seven or higher must also be assessed as part of the upgrade process. Referee assessments in Ohio North are managed (coordinated) by the State Director of Assessment (SDA). The SDA is currently Toby Tomazic. The SDA is responsible for coordinating all USSF certified referee assessments in OHN.

The SDA has appointed District Directors of Assessment (DDA) in each of the districts to assist him and who are responsible for coordinating local referee assessments and assessors.

All USSF referee instruction in Ohio North is managed (coordinated) by the State Director of Instruction (SDI). The SDI is currently Bill Nest. The SDI is responsible for coordinating all USSF certified referee instruction in OHN including Entry Level referee clinics, Bridge clinics, Recertification clinics, Upgrade clinics and the state level Intermediate or Advanced clinics that are held every year.

The SDI has appointed District Directors of Instruction (DDI) in each of the districts to assist him and who are responsible for coordinating local referee clinics and in-service training.

If you wish to sponsor a Referee Clinic in your area, contact the DDI listed for your district. A list of the scheduled clinics in the area is posted in the Clinics area of the site - if you do not see one in your area, contact the local DDI to see if there is one scheduled that is not on our list.

The OHN Referee Mentoring program is designed for new referees to get the pre-game, game-side and post-game support, advice and guidance needed to make them better referees and make it more likely that they will keep with it and remain a referee. Each district has a Mentoring Coordinator. Contact the DRA in the District closest to you to learn more about this program.

There are local referee associations across Ohio North.  Although they are not part of Ohio North, they work with the DRA and the DDI in the districts by sponsoring regular meetings for in-service training and district business purposes, sponsoring novice clinics, sponsoring bridge clinics and sponsoring yearly referee registration. These groups have their own officers, constitutions and regular memberships.  Referees are not required to belong to a referee association but it is strongly advised as a way to interact with local referees.  The names and web sites of the local referee associations may be found on the Related Links page (below).



   All meetings begin promptly at 7:00 PM and are held at the OYSAN Office, 6650 W.Snowville Rd, Suite Y, Brecksville, OH 44141

  All State Referee Committee Meetings are open sessions, however if you wish to address the Committee on any subject, please contact the   State Referee Administrator to have your name placed on the Agenda.

  Tom Chapman
  State Referee Administrator
  3872 Norman Avenue, NW
  Canton, OH 44709-2563
  (C) 330-243-5055


  For more information: Ohio North  State Referee Committee

OHIO - North State Referee Committee